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clear wine glass with yellow liquid

march 2 – pickup sticks

She had been reaching for the martini glass for nearly a minute, shifting from her right tippy toes to her left. The impulse to just get on the counter and get the damn glass was something she had begun to fight based on her age and her insis
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grayscale photo of stop sign

march 1st – day dreaming

I am four years old and my bedroom has one window. During the course of my day I almost never notice this window. I’m only four and when standing up I cannot see out. So most of my time is spent examining the velvety bits of my wallpaper and
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Social Sustainability: Think Globally, Act Locally

this piece was originally commissioned by Paradise Row Creates they have since relaunched their blog with a heavy focus on their neighbourhood and as such this is no longer on their site. Fashion is beautiful, aspirational, and it can be an e
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project thievery

a tasteful thief special edition  When setting the schedule for this column I knew I wanted to do two paid posts per month with the occasional free post to help me gain new subscribers. Choosing the first and third Sunday of each month meant
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It’s Actually Cerulean

previously on A Tasteful Thief… No one likes a mad woman The morning after publishing my birthday edition of A Tasteful Thief I was locking up my bike when I heard a woman cycling and singing along to ‘mad woman’ from Taylor Swift’s folklor
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Happy Birthday To Myself

i gifted myself a day off You already know what I didn’t do on my birthday – I didn’t finish my third column and send it out. Here is what I did instead: prepared the online shop for a brand I am managing! I was involved in setting up and sty
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My Sophomore Effort

the pressure is on for this second column… I hit publish on that first column about four hours ago (at the time of writing) and to stop myself from obsessing over reader numbers and posting too much on social media – I actually made a Linke
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The Inaugural Column

a brief tour of my brain and a tasting of what my column is all about Cameron Crowe: Do you consider yourself an original thinker? Bowie: Not by any means. More like a tasteful thief. The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal fro
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The Minimal Suitcase: a Packing Hack for Anxiety

A holiday should be relaxing, right? This is not the most hip, on-millennial-brand thing to say, but travelling makes me very, very anxious. Not the kind of anxious where everyone in the airport irritates you, the kind of anxious where you ma
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Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Because Why Not

The Essentials Capsule Wardrobe challenges are something I’ve read a lot about but never participated in. My wardrobe is already fairly small after a few years of buying mainly second-hand and being ruthless with eliminating things that I did
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Alternative Ways to Satisfy the Shopping Itch

Good Little Consumer The advertising of my millennial youth and my current social media feed strongly encourage me to perform my role as a Consumer and go shopping! For a long time I really did feel less-than because I couldn’t have the next
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Does My Brand Fit in Amsterdam?

Personal branding is something that has eluded me for years. Years! My friend owns her own branding business and she’s given me some quality advice, but still, I have only managed to settle on a ‘brand’ in the last year. And by ‘brand’ I mean
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Using Social Media Sustainably

Be mindful of what you consume Living sustainably is a necessity if we want to be able to inhabit this planet in the future. It it a serious topic that also happens to be trending on social media. My new habit is clicking on Instagram ads for
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Why We Moved: How I Embraced Brexit

“Take back control” When making new friends and talking about the recent Big Move to Amsterdam the elephant in the conversational air is Brexit. No one has mentioned it and I have tried very hard to not utter the dismal term either. But – bot
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Building Your Sustainable Bathroom

This autumn the UK got a brand new budget to cover the next few years and sadly the environment was not mentioned at all. Specifically single-use plastic will not be taxed, so for now it remains up to us as consumers to wage our own personal
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charity shop

A Charity Shop for the Lazy, Sustainable Fashionista

Or, A Rare Tale of When Instagram Was Actually Helpful There is something taking up an inordinate amount of space in my flat. I personally took the time and care to create this objectionable object and its contents are too important to drop i
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Downton Abbey

1920s Girl Power in Downton Abbey

Electric lights, refrigerators, drop-waisted dresses, and feminism In 1912 the Titanic sank throwing the Crawley family of Downton Abbey into such an upheaval that it would take six seasons and five Christmas specials to set everything in ord
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Downward Dog with a Side of Feminist Theory

“Men act and women appear”  Have you seen a movie this year? Have you seen a TV show this month? Have you seen any ads while browsing the internet today? The answer to these questions is likely ‘yes’ and in that case you have also witnessed t
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feminist mini skirts

Can Feminists Wear Mini Skirts?

Girl Power Suits Fashion and feminism are often seen as clashing concepts, a well-dressed lady would never wear both at the same time. But like all things ladylike the modern woman has no time for tired rules like that. We clash prints and pr
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Navigating the Roundabout of Feminism and Veganism

Finding veganism at the corner of intersectional feminism Feminism and veganism. Those two isms are usually met with an eye-roll and a heavy sigh. Their proponents are labelled angry, belligerent, and hostile. Yet they share more in common th
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feminist failures

A Few of My Feminist Failures

In the style of The Guilty Feminist: I am a feminist, but when I need extra umph in a yoga pose I envision my stomach with killer abs instead of focusing on the breath in my body. I am a feminist, but I wear Glossier makeup in an attempt to f
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the art of the thrift

Sorting Through the Shit: the Art of the Thrift

An honest guide to adding sustainability to your sartorial selection My personal fashion/passion project for 2017 was to buy as few brand new clothing and accessory items as possible. I intended to buy from sites like Depop, from physical thr
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Loved Clothes Last

My mother’s clothes One of my earliest memories is of my mother’s high heel shoes clicking on the linoleum floor of our kitchen. I couldn’t wait for the day that I too could wear heels and make such wonderful sounds. To this day, I prefer har
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Modesty is So Mainstream

“The interesting thing about fashion is that it really reflects society.” – Deborah Linton It is common fashion knowledge that Coco Chanel hated mini skirts. She thought they were “just awful” and claimed that she didn’t know a single man who
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