RB Velebny


Hey, I’m RB! I’m a writer / journalist based in Amsterdam where I live with my husband and our cat. I write about business, fashion, culture, and any topic that catches my curiosity. 

As soon as I’m interested in something my brain will not rest until I’ve both learned as much as I can and written about the thing in the perfect way.

 On my blog here you’ll find my articles, essays, and other experimental writing. 

And in my portfolio you’ll find samples of my business journalism and fashion copywriting.

If you’d like to work with me: contact@rachelvelebny.com

Photo of the site creator and writer, RB, where she is sitting on the ground in a back garden with her legs crossed and her head resting on her bent arm and hand. She's wearing black pants, a black jacket, a blue t-shirt, and a scarf as a headband. The background is a dark green wall of vines.

I am originally from a small city in the US Pacific Northwest and I’ve lived in Europe since 2009. I started out in Prague where the plan was to teach English for a few years, but after four years I found myself with a husband, cat, and a job in sales. 

In 2016 we moved to Manchester, UK where I went back to school for my Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism from Manchester Metropolitan University. And in Spring 2019 we moved to Amsterdam. 

Writing is my vocation, my hobby, and sometimes my therapist. When I’m not writing – or researching and making notes for future writing – I am reading, watching movies and tv shows, playing hide and seek with my cat, doing yoga and pilates, playing dress up with my own wardrobe, and keeping track of everything in my bullet journal.