fifty failures

Trying to Fail in the Pursuit of Perfection

My Fifty Failures Project

A month ago I read tweet by a writer who planned to fail, and hard, this year. But of course this has already lead to big and exciting opportunities! The moment I read her story I saw complete sense in her method.

For someone with perfectionist tendencies – can’t think who that might be – setting failure as your end goal sounds much easier and a lot more fun than the anxiety-ridden goal of success. Aiming for rejection gives you the freedom to go after the goals you keep hidden from everyone else because they’ll probably never, ever happen. When I realised this I knew I needed to adopt this method of working.


So, from now until the end of 2018 my goal is to be rejected, to fail, FIFTY TIMES!

And as a bonus challenge I also want to document this project here with a bi-weekly roundup of my swings and misses.

This is the perfect project for me because if I am supposed to fail there is no preparation needed, no stress about making sure all my online profiles are up to date, visually pleasing, and full of perfect content. I achieve failure I just have to try

See you in a few weeks with an update on how badly I’ve failed in the meantime!

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