reluctant millennial

The Reluctant Millennial

Originally written for and posted on Fraîche Ink

The Lifestyle Generation

Millennials are not the first generation to feel crippling FOMO – fear of missing out – but our social media habits have ensured our entire generation is #blessed with low-level anxiety. Scrolling along through your feed with a messy bun of greasy hair, wearing questionably clean sweat pants, it can seem like literally everyone except you is enjoying a fabulous, blissful, millennial existence of endless fashion acquisitions, nearly nude yoga poses, and a life of constant travel.

These types of perfectly retouched posts on social media are so pervasive that we have created and continue to reinforce our own trope: the experience-based millennial lifestyle. 

It is a trope that leaves us open to endless opinion pieces about how we’ll never save enough for retirement if we keep eating avocado toast and taking budget flights around Europe. About how we’re too demanding of employers and should sacrifice our entire lives to the pursuit of someone else’s profit. About how we’re addicted to the social currency of likes, instead of being addicted to hard currency as we should be.

And it’s a trope that can leave those of us who are not devoted to the millennial lifestyle feeling that familiar, adolescent cousin of FOMO… deeply uncool. 

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