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Sustainable Yoga Worthy of Instagram

Part 1: Sustainable Yoga Outfits and Part 2: Sustainable Yoga Mats originally published on Sustainably Ethical

Yoga on Instagram is dominated by slim, white women’s bodies and a handful of brands that sponsor them. And like fashion bloggers, these Insta yogis seem to have an endless supply of new sets of matching leggings and tops. Both the large amount of funding behind these accounts and their volume of clothing are unsustainable and directly opposed to one of the main yogic goals: ahimsa

Ahimsa is one of five tenets of the Yoga Sutra and it is broadly defined as “do no harm.” Meaning do no harm to others or to yourself, and in modern teachings this also means not harming the environment we live in. One way for regular yoga practitioners to practice ahimsa, aside from tackling the troubling issue of corporate yoga sponsorship on the ‘gram, is to be mindful of the amount of yoga “stuff” one acquires for their practice.

So, aside from choosing not to participate in the consumer gadget side of Insta Yoga, what can you do to keep your yoga practice both stylish and sustainable? Simple! Practice mindfulness and buy your yoga gear with care.

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