God Save the Queen of Suits

Claire Foy absolutely nailed the dress code called for by this year’s Golden Globes and the sentiment of #TimesUp.

In direct contrast to the candy-floss-pink gown of last year, this year the actress wore a deliciously refined black suit from Stella McCartney. Delicious in its simplicity and in how she wore it –  sans shirt, slicked back hair, and red lipstick.

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(And because I cannot afford to buy £400 photos from Getty I’ll be borrowing from Instagram to feed the need for visual aids here).

She is my fashion queen from the evening – Oprah being my Queen queen – and for the rest of 2018 we should all strive to emulate the power she projects wearing this traditionally male ensemble.

In taking the male suit and truly wearing it as her own, specifically on this occasion where such a statement would be impactful, she was the fashion embodiment of #TimesUp. The time is up for mediocre, menacing men in ill-fitting suits. Women are intelligent, capable and we’re done with your shit. Plus we look better in suits.

Power Suit

Wearing suits like this is not only a demonstration of our power, but in appropriating something traditionally male we can also reclaim the bits of power we lose when we’re judged on our gender and not our ability.

Perhaps Claire Foy has learned something of female power in playing Queen Elizabeth II – she demonstrated a familiarity with that power in choosing this suit and her minimal styling. The neckline appears risqué but is actually fairly conservative and is made sexier by the absence of a necklace. Her simple side part with slicked-back hair and matte red lip finish off the look.

This is a powerful statement of fashion and political savvy and I am obviously smitten.

One last thought I had while salivating on my screen was that she must have been so comfortable! And nothing makes me feel more powerful and badass than looking hot while being unhindered by my fashion choices.

All hail Fashion Queen Claire!


The header image is a screenshot from my phone of The Guardian’s red carpet side-show. The image itself is owned by David Fisher/Rex/Shutterstock.