fifty failures update

Fifty Failures Update #2

This might be a day late an a bit in-by-midnight but here it is readers… 

Four weeks of my fifty failures project: can you fail at failure?

I’ll start with the positives: 

  • I applied for/pitched three things! That is not a lot but a big improvement on the previous two weeks. However, I realise that one month in and having only gone out for four things is not a great start.
  • One of those three got back to me and asked me to do a sample task which I found enjoyable, and which required two pages of notes and two sticky notes.
pages of notes by a failure

And now for the negatives: 

  • I only applied for three things. Meaning I need to average ten per month for the rest of the year to complete the project. 

So far I am just failing to be a failure! 

Perhaps now that a substantial chunk of time has passed and I have a meek tally to show for myself I will be less apprehensive about my pitches or applications. I seem to be caught in a perfectionist trap: I hate starting things and not finishing them properly, but I am also terrified of rejection because it means I wasn’t perfect. 

And now I feel obligated to tell you that I do have a much more efficient tracking system for this project, including follow up email schedules, and that this tally here will be for image purposes only. Have I mentioned yet that I’m a perfectionist?