Feminist Armour in 2018 Fashion Trends

The winter/spring fashion trends that not only satisfy, but celebrate the feminist I want to be in 2018…

I am still a fan of the general trend towards covering, rather than revealing, women’s bodies* and these specific trends add refinement and creativity toward the sartorial armour needed for attacking 2018 with feminist fury and grace.

They are also easy to incorporate into your wardrobe without even denting your budget and without contributing to the human and environmental cost of lightning fast fashion trends.

trends - yellow

As colours go I realised I’ve never once considered adding yellow as a colour in my wardrobe; not until it rang my bell as a feminist trend for this year. It is a beautiful colour but I’m very much a dark, neutral colour kind of woman. I do have one precious yellow scarf, but nothing so striking as a yellow skirt or dress.

Yellow is a bold colour to wear, being the most visible from a distance. No such thing as wearing yellow meekly.

Yellow demands attention but it is unclear what emotion it wants from you. Is it friendly or is it harsh? The unpredictability of yellow adds a strong, rebellious vibe to your clothing. A useful vibe when you are done being cat-called and told to smile more.

Sadly wearing yellow will not give you super-human powers but it also will not cost you much in the way of time or money to add one or two yellow items to your wardrobe. I found this gorgeous jacket at my local RSPCA charity shop – vintage Escada and only £15!

trends - layers


My favourite trend to admire on Instagram, and then fail at replicating, is layering a light spring dress over jeans. Not leggings, proper jeans. I am probably just too short.

But if I could, I would layer a lemon yellow midi slip dress over light wash, straight leg cropped jeans. I’d also put a white roll-neck top under the dress, and add black ankle boots and an oversized black blazer cut wool coat on top.


As the weather warms in the spring (or in July, this is England) remove layers as needed. Swap boots for loafers and wool for leather – ideally faux or second-hand.

My husband is both confused and amused by layers, but I have had less kind boyfriends insist that layers are deeply unsexy. I am ready and willing to cause cognitive dissonance with my outfits so for the next few months you’ll find me under at least four layers of clothing at all times.

And the best part about this trend? It does not require the purchase of anything. Stand in front of your wardrobe and just start putting things on! Don’t stop until you are satisfied. The dress I’ve layered with in these photos makes me feel like a lady-warrior when worn with jeans or trousers.

If you need some layering inspiration the entire Man Repeller insta feed is a treasure trove! 

trends - cowboy boots

Cowboy boots

On the pavements of London or New York (or Manchester) the cowboy boot serves no practical function. Its obvious style and lack of purpose is a strong statement of the wearer’s self-confidence.

Similarly to the colour yellow, one doesn’t wear cowboy boots unintentionally.

I will admit these are rather harder to come by, but if you are ready to wear a cowboy boot thousands of miles away from a farm it is worth the investment of your time and/or money. I will also admit that my pair are what I consider a family heirloom. They were my mothers before I stole them away.

And like yellow the audacity to wear something like cowboy boots gives the wearer a shot of confidence every time she catches someone eyeing them with jealousy or suspicion.

trends - slouchy suits

Slouchy Suits

It finally feels like women are being heard regarding the criminal damage of sexual harassment and the general damaging nature of sexism in society. In 2017 men showed us exactly how gross and harmful they can be. In 2018 women will shove them aside and take over.

Claiming the suit for our own is a visually powerful way for women – specifically cisgender women – to assert their determination to dominate.

We’ll take their jobs they did so poorly. We’ll find solutions where they have failed. And we’ll wear their suits looking more powerful. 2018 is time for women to take ownership of society.

trends - the end

Putting the trends together

Every item shown was obtained second-hand, except for the long black wool coat; that’s a few years old from Topshop. I’ve done my best to fit each trend into this one look, taking a very loose interpretation of what a suit is. I did need to hunt down the perfect yellow piece for these photos, but I also want to challenge myself to break up my monotone wardrobe and what better colour to choose than yellow?

*In this post, as in all posts, when I talk about women I mean any and every individual who identifies as a woman.

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