Navigating the Roundabout of Feminism and Veganism

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Finding veganism at the corner of intersectional feminism

Feminism and veganism. Those two isms are usually met with an eye-roll and a heavy sigh. Their proponents are labelled angry, belligerent, and hostile. Yet they share more in common than stereotypes of unshaven armpits and bare feet.

Feminism is concerned with breaking down the system of oppression that affects women. Intersectional feminism extends that to include factors such as race and class that often intersect with gender discrimination. This more inclusive definition is where we’ll find veganism.

Despite being able to buy a Dior shirt proclaiming ‘we should all be feminists’ the idea that all humans are equal remains, sadly, a radical one. Veganism, however, is growing in popularity thanks in part to trends like Veganuary and the availability of vegan products in convenient and affordable shops like Aldi and Tesco.

It is also gaining traction as we learn about the harmful impacts of industrialised meat and dairy production. This industry has created its own system of oppression regarding animals, humans, and the environment.

A system of oppression in which men are on top and all other individuals are below is the patriarchy. And this similarity is where we see the links between feminism and veganism.

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