Downward Dog with a Side of Feminist Theory

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“Men act and women appear

Have you seen a movie this year? Have you seen a TV show this month? Have you seen any ads while browsing the internet today? The answer to these questions is likely ‘yes’ and in that case you have also witnessed the ubiquitousness of the male gaze.

The male gaze is a well-known concept when it comes to traditional media, and it could be said that the male gaze is also a ‘traditional’ way of seeing the world. But as our media consumption shifts from these older platforms to the likes of YouTube and Instagram the male gaze is migrating along with it. Even in predominantly female spaces such as #instayoga.

The yoga community on Instagram is dominated by women who are white and very thin. Their bodies, whether purposefully or not, already fit into what the male gaze likes to see. And unlike the fashion and lifestyle stars of Instagram, these ‘Insta yogis’ often take their own photos and videos.

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