Does it Count?

If I don’t share my avocado toast on social media, does it really exist?

Last week I received my very first Glossier order, the signature pink bag and the minimalist products begging me to post them on Instagram. I just opened the package and put them amongst the other products in my rather unattractive bathroom. But am I missing out on the full #Glossier experience by not sharing evidence of the purchase with my social media followers?

Glossier on social media

A good deal of my mornings this turbulent year I’ve spent working steadily, and slowly, on my personal yoga practice. I roll out my expensive, popular, and very worth the money yoga mat. I wear cute printed leggings and crop tops. I’ve gained flexibility and some upper body strength, and yes lost some weight in the process. But I haven’t been photographing and filming any of it to share on Instagram for likes and prayer emojis. Wouldn’t my practice be enhanced by making it public?

Yoga poses on social media

I eat a mainly vegan, or plant-based, diet and I enjoy exploring vegan restaurants and vegan menus at “normal” restaurants. I even cook vegan food in my very own kitchen. But I don’t often take photos and offer them up as proof of some kind of nonsensical diet-based moral superiority. Does my veganism, based on taste, ethics, and environmental concerns, even really count if I’m not loud about it online?

Vegan social media

Do I actually have an objectively cute cat if he doesn’t have his own Instagram?

Nearly all cleaning products I use in my flat and on my body have been replaced with more environmental and animal friendly items in my never-ending quest to reduce my impact on the Earth. I get my toothpaste out of a glass pot using a small, flat bamboo stick. I have never once arranged all my dark glass jars in a gorgeous flat-lay to show my “followers” just how eco I am.

Natural cleaning on social media

Having worked at a breakfast restaurant throughout uni I am passionate about breakfast food and “brunch” is, for me, just the socially acceptable and hip term for eating breakfast food any time after 10am. If I cheat on my veganism it is for a gorgeous Eggs Benedict. I would bathe in hollandaise sauce if it wouldn’t clog my pores. But if I haven’t arranged the coffee, phones, plates and cutlery for a casual photo have I actually enjoyed my brunch?

Brunch on social media

This year I’ve sourced all my sustainable fashion items from second-hand clothing apps and ethical brands. But I haven’t recorded any vlogs about how I craft my personal style and daily outfits with thrifted clothes. So can I really feel good about missing out on fun fast-fashion trends?

Sustainable fashion on social media