does a mental health influencer exist

Does a Mental Health Influencer Exist?

Hello, and welcome to my channel

Sitting around one day I felt like the very last person in the world without a podcast or YouTube channel, so I set up my camera and started off with a bubbly “hey guys! welcome back to my channel!” 

No. Of course not. 

My perfectionist tendencies wouldn’t permit me to randomly start something like that without having plans A, B, C, and D to ensure I don’t embarrass myself by being the worst person on YouTube.

But what I affectionately call ‘perfectionist tendencies’ are actually a symptom of my general anxiety disorder which I was diagnosed with (along with depression) about ten years ago. 

For the past two years I have been going through a rough time and I needed more assistance than my prescription medication could provide. The therapy I went through put me in a very good place, and made me more capable of handling my anxiety and depression. 

One sure sign that I am on top of my mental health is that I have a new drive to write and create, and to share my work online. And I want to create content about my mental health story. I considered making this into a series of blog posts, but I would like to keep this writing space focused on thoughtful posts about feminism, fashion, and sustainability. 

My name’s Rachel and I’m here to talk about mental health

So, I’ve started a YouTube channel. Why can’t I sit in front of a camera and talk about mental health the way other women talk about makeup or clothing? I want to share my experience and what I’ve learned to help destigmatise the topic of mental illness and I think I can do that best through being open and honest and by using my actual voice and face. 

In a way I have set out to become a mental health influencer. Not the kind of influencer that’s on luxury brand PR lists; the ‘old’ style of influencer that would talk about a topic, and who’s opinions would influence their viewers. If a woman on YouTube can change the way I take care of my skin why can’t I change the way people take care of their mental health?

As soon as I made the decision to start a channel my ‘perfectionist tendencies’ took over and began to list all the reasons why I would be a terrible failure. Thankfully I was able to recognise this as a perfect opportunity to practice the different skills I learned in therapy to stop those thoughts from taking root in my brain. Every time I upload a video I remind myself that I did the best I could and that ‘good enough’ is actually, truly good enough. 

As long as I never begin a video with “hey guys” I’ll feel proud of my efforts.

Without further ado, my channel trailer…

Even if I never get 10 subscribers I will keep on creating anyway.