A Woman is Basically Her Clothing Right?

As I sit here bundled in blankets and sipping a gin & tonic I am doing my best to watch the election news coverage on the BBC and not implode in fear and explode in impatience. Tomorrow morning either a flawed, highly experienced woman or an extremely, outrageously, tragically/comically flawed orange toddler man will “win” this election. Though it feels like winning this will be like winning the Hunger Games. And as a budding fashion journalist I must say that fashion and personal clothing style are the very last things I care about in this election.

If it wasn’t clear in my summary of the two candidates I’m crossing my fingers so tight that the US will elect our first woman president. While I’ve enjoyed seeing her various pantsuits throughout the campaign, and especially at the three debates, I still don’t give a fuck about what she wore or which designers will be hanging in her closet in the East Wing.

Hey, do you think she and Bill will switch closets? Does the President get a bigger closet than their spouse? I would love to watch how they move back into the White House and see if she marches over to the closet he used and stakes her claim. This is assuming they have anything to do with the pedestrian task of moving house.

Hillary’s pantsuits are nearly as famous as the woman herself and I think it’s great that there is even a hashtag and Facebook group for #pantsuitnation. And to show your support for Hillary, if you’re also a woman, you should be wearing white to cast your ballot to symbolise suffragettes – a noble sartorial choice. But in 2016 are we really still reducing women to what they wear?

Yep. And I’m getting flashbacks to wearing my Team Edward t-shirt to one of the Twilight movies.

If Bernie had got the nomination would a Facebook group rise out of his rather plain footwear #grandpashoes? Would Bernie supporters refuse to comb their hair on election day to show that they’re still feelin’ the Bern?

No. The answer is no. If Bernie were the Democratic nominee his supporters would show up to their polling places properly attired for the weather and would, as people have always done, vote for their candidate of choice, get their I’ve Voted sticker and go about their day.

There are too many things to love about Clinton. Her educational credentials, her legal credentials, her continued focus on women and children, her foreign policy credentials, and her nerves of steel in the face of 24 years of misogynistic hate press – just a few things I’ve come up with literally as I typed. Each one of those things is cause for celebration. So where is our super secret #secretaryofstatebitches Facebook group?

Men have been running for President since 1789 without their clothing being crucial imagery for their supporters to rally around. It is fucking amazing that we’ve got a woman who is thisclose to becoming the President of the United States and both Hillary and her supporters deserve a better rallying cry than “Pantsuit Nation!”


photo by DonkeyHotey, courtesy of Creative Commons 

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