My name is Rachel and I’m a writer and general creative type. I write about feminism, sustainability, and style, and how those things intersect in society and in my own life. You can find my published work here.

I also make videos about mental health to, hopefully, help destigamatise the discussion around mental health. And to enjoy the process of learning about creating video content, and learning about YouTube as a platform.

contact // social @rachelbvee / classic email

I live in Amsterdam with my husband, Tom, and our cat.

I’m originally from a place called Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in the northwest US, and I’ve lived in Europe since 2009. Seven years in Prague, 2 1/2 in Manchester, Amsterdam since spring 2019.

I taught English in Prague for a few years before working in sales for a company that provides high end educational tours for Master’s of Business students from the States. During this time I kept starting blogs and then deleting them, going through countless silly blog names and designs.

Writing is something I have always enjoyed, even the times when it’s necessary to clean your entire flat before you can write. So, when my husband’s career took us to Manchester I took the opportunity to finally get my Master’s degree – a long held goal – in Fashion Journalism.

In my free time yes, I do love playing with my wardrobe and my modest makeup collection, but when I write about style I cannot help but see the system as a whole.

I also do Ashtanga yoga, I play hide-and-seek with my cat, and I am (at the time of writing we’re in the final season) deeply into Game of Thrones.

Tom and I love travelling! He is our designated photographer and you can find lovely photos of our travels on his website.