Hello and welcome! My name is Rachel and I’m a freelance writer and journalist. I write about feminism, sustainability, fashion, and how those intersect. 

I live in Manchester, UK with my husband Tom and our cat, Kitty.

I’m from a small city in North Idaho (huge state, lots of trees, next to Washington state) and after graduating with a Bachelor’s in political science I bought a one-way ticket to Prague, Czech Republic. 

What began as a two-year plan to teach English and enjoy every minute of my free time somehow turned into my actual adult life with an office job, a husband, and a cat!

Writing is something I have always enjoyed and how I am best able to express myself. So when my husband’s career brought us to Manchester I took the opportunity to pursue writing as a career. Starting with getting my Master’s in Fashion Journalism.

In addition to training my cat to sit and shake I also do ashtanga yoga, I’m a Game of Thrones addict (books, show, and fan podcasts), and I enjoy buying and selling clothes on Depop.

Tom and I love travelling, though we do it much less than when we first got together. He is our designated photographer and you can find lovely photos of our travels on his website, but I do want to share my absolute favourite here:

about me marseille cats
Tom took this in Marseille, France after we had the best pizza. We seriously still talk about that pizza. This is how excited I get anytime I see a cat, any cat.

If you’re interested in working with me you can find my contact info here or check out my services here.

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