Fifty Failures

Trying to Fail in the Pursuit of Perfection

fifty failures

My Fifty Failures Project At the beginning of the year, I made an oath to receive 100 rejection letters by Dec 31 so I started applying for tons of out-of-my-league opportunities.But at this rate, I won't be able to achieve my goal …because many of my responses are acceptances!Take more chances.— Kiki Schirr (@KikiSchirr) May …

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Navigating the Roundabout of Feminism and Veganism


Originally written for and posted on  Finding veganism at the corner of intersectional feminism Feminism and veganism. Those two isms are usually met with an eye-roll and a heavy sigh. Their proponents are labelled angry, belligerent, and hostile. Yet they share more in common than stereotypes of unshaven armpits and bare feet. Feminism is concerned with breaking …

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Defying Old Tropes: the Sophia Amoruso Story

sophia amoruso

Feminist Media In addition to writing about feminism and fashion I also curate my social media feed and groups to serve those same ideas. I am drawn to accounts and sites that address me as a whole woman: mind and body, personal and professional, and of course, style; where I can read about sustainable menstrual …

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Sorting Through the Shit: the Art of the Thrift

the art of the thrift

An honest guide to adding sustainability to your sartorial selection My personal fashion/passion project for 2017 was to buy as few brand new clothing and accessory items as possible. I intended to buy from sites like Depop, from physical thrift shops – shout out to my local RSPCA and Oxfam shops for their great work …

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Feminist Armour in 2018 Fashion Trends

The winter/spring fashion trends that not only satisfy, but celebrate the feminist I want to be in 2018… I am still a fan of the general trend towards covering, rather than revealing, women’s bodies* and these specific trends add refinement and creativity toward the sartorial armour needed for attacking 2018 with feminist fury and grace. …

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God Save the Queen of Suits

Claire Foy absolutely nailed the dress code called for by this year’s Golden Globes and the sentiment of #TimesUp. In direct contrast to the candy-floss-pink gown of last year, this year the actress wore a deliciously refined black suit from Stella McCartney. Delicious in its simplicity and in how she wore it –  sans shirt, …

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