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Feminist Armour in 2018 Fashion Trends

The winter/spring fashion trends that not only satisfy, but celebrate the feminist I want to be in 2018… I am still a fan of the general trend towards covering, rather than revealing, women’s bodies* and these specific trends add refinement and creativity toward the sartorial armour needed for attacking 2018 with feminist fury and grace. […]


Loved Clothes Last

My mother’s clothes One of my earliest memories is of my mother’s high heel shoes clicking on the linoleum floor of our kitchen. I couldn’t wait for the day that I too could wear heels and make such wonderful sounds. To this day, I prefer hard surfaces and shoes with hard soles – I’ve grown […]


Does it Count?

If I don’t share my avocado toast on social media, does it really exist? Last week I received my very first Glossier order, the signature pink bag and the minimalist products begging me to post them on Instagram. I just opened the package and put them amongst the other products in my rather unattractive bathroom. […]


Between a Rock and a Blush Brush

On my favourite website, Man Repeller, one article pops up in their Trending feed more often than any other. It’s a post written by the founder of the site called Why I Don’t Wear Makeup. And every time I feel like my own makeup routine is getting a bit out of hand I’ll re-read that […]